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St. Andrew Kim Council No. 9930
Thomas P. Shields Assembly No. 2370 (Texas Knights of Columbus Website) (National Knights of Columbus Website)

        Fourth Degree - First Thursday, 7:30 pm in the New Parish Center
        Council 9930 - 2d Thursday, 7:30 pm in the New Parish Center
        First Degree Ceremony/Rehearsal - 3d Thursday, 7:30 pm in the New Parish Center

If you are interested in joining the Knights of Columbus or would just like some more information, please contact one of the following Knights:
GRAND KNIGHT                                    FAITHFUL NAVIGATOR                         MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR  
Charles R. Parker                                           Dannie Hefner                                                     Joe Wolf
Council 9930                                                   Assembly 2370                                              Tel: 254-519-1492                                     
Tel: 254-289-9121


ST. ANDREW KIM KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS COUNCIL NO. 9930   (Organized 20 November 1988)

Roy F. Bonnett, Jr.                Weldon J. Bowling                Nathan D. Browning                 Ejsifanio Caroloza

Gene N. Connor                    David H. Curtis                   Augustin A. Davila                       David W. Davis

David W. Derosia                  Arnold H. Dobson                  Domingo A. Dongon                  Casimiro A. Gutierrez

Hong K. Kim                         Jin B. Kim                               Rev. Sae Eul Kim                        Louis B. Krenek

Hyok K. Kwan                       Archie B. Malleck                   Gene R. Martinka                       John F. McManus

Jon H. Oates                         Kun Sok Oh                             Walter E. O'Neil                         Myong Oum Oum

Glenn E. Powell                   Jorge L. Quiles                         Victor M. Ramos                        Hobert M. Scott

Hobert M Scott II                  Michael A. Tesi                        Sok. H. Tesi                                Frank A. Thibeau

Stephen J. Vogel                   Alvis Wilson                             Walter J. Yadusky                      Herbert P. Ziegler

 ♦         ♦       

(by SK Phil Clements)

The Knights of Columbus (KofC) is a Catholic, family, fraternal, service organization. Founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney at St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut, it has grown to become internationally known and respected. Today there are nearly 2 million members throughout the world that provide over 55 million volunteer hours to service and who administer the objectives, goals and activities of this Order. Firmly founded upon the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism, the KofC is able to accomplish numerous worthy projects while adhering to five main objectives:

I.    To support the Church

II.   To build fraternal bonds through social, religious, educational and athletic activities

III.  To provide comfort and assistance to the sick, disabled, and needy members and their families

IV.  To reach out to meet community needs through programs of charity and

V.   To provide for the financial security of members and their families through the KofC fraternal insurance program.

The KofC headquarters is located in New Haven, Connecticut. The society is governed by the Supreme Council that meets annually to vote on resolutions that set policy. This council is headed by a Supreme Knight. International affairs are administered by an elected board of directors that meets annually and sets policy. State councils are operated by elected state officers who administer the programs and activities under the guidance of a State Deputy. District Deputies represent both the supreme knight and the state deputy in areas known as districts. These districts are made up of several councils at the local level normally associated with a church. Councils are presided over by a Grand Knight who is elected along with other council officers each year by council members.

Membership in this Order follows a progression of four Degrees that are named for the principles of the organization: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Upon attaining the fourth degree, Patriotism, a member participates in many activities that focus on this principle. At this point the member is a part of what has come to be known as the visual arm of the Order, primarily because members are then entitled to wear the regalia of the order consisting of chapeau, cape and sword over a tux. Also, he becomes a member of an Assembly which has an additional meeting time each month that is for 4th Degree members only. An Assembly is presided over by a Faithful Navigator who is elected along with assembly officers each year by members of the assembly.

Requirements for membership are:

1.  must be a practical Catholic male, 18 years of age;

2.  must be accepted by a local council and

3.  must take the First Degree of the Knights of Columbus.

The costs involved: a small one-time initiation fee and nominal annual dues.

At St. Paul Chong Hasang we have :

St. Andrew Kim Council No. 9930 &

Thomas P. Shields Assembly No. 2370

For more information and/or to inquire about becoming a member please contact our Membership Director,
Joe Wolf -
Tel: 254-519-1492.



offers scholarships to the children of members who are killed or permanently and totally disabled by hostile
 action while serving with the armed forces during a covered period of conflict. In 2004, the Order declared
that military conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan would be covered under the trust fund. Also eligible
are the children of members who are killed as a result of criminal violence directed against them while
performing their duties as full-time law enforcement officers or full-time firefighters. An application must be
filed within two years of the member's death or the determination of his total and permanent disability.

As of June 30, a total of 805 children have been recorded as eligible for benefits from the trust fund since
its establishment in 1944.... To date, 284 students have completed their education through the fund.

During the 2011-12 academic year, six students will pursue undergraduate degrees through the
Mathews-Swift fund - five renewals and one new recipient...."

(COLUMBIA, September, 2011, pg. 30, published by Knights of Columbus, 1 Columbus Plaza,
New Haven, CT 06510-3326)

For detailed information, contact:  Knight Joe Wolf (Tel: 254-519-1492)

♦         ♦        ♦