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            LADIES OF CHARITY       


"To serve rather than to be served"

Our mission is to serve the poor of our community and help support established charity organizations.

"The purpose of the Association is to imitate the Divine Savior in serving the poor, particularly the sick poor, and in bringing them corporal and spiritual nourishment."
(Manual of The Ladies of Charity of the United States of America)

There are three recommended types of membership in the association.

  • Active                Catholic (attend meetings and participate in ministries)

  • Associate          Catholic/non-active (give prayer, witness, financial aid)

  • Participating      Non-Catholic

The Ladies of Charity meet the second Saturday of the month at St. Paul Chong Hasang Catholic Church. We have Mass at 9:00 a.m. with the monthly meeting following in the parish hall. Dues for membership are $10.00 a year. Active members are asked to volunteer a minimum of four hours a month to our ministries.

Please feel free to attend any monthly Mass and/or meeting. Visitors are always welcome and we encourage interested ladies to attend our meetings if you have any questions about the organization.

Our main ministry is the operation of a non-profit thrift shop. We also support prison ministries, Nursing Home ministries, Pro-Life Activities, hold an Annual Bazaar to raise funds, support St. Paul's social ministries through parish meals, receptions, CCD, Comfort Committee, Altar Society, Eucharistic Ministry and as Lectors (to name some of our current activities).

Our Ladies of Charity Thrift Shop is our main source of income which provides the poor with low priced clothing and household items. Proceeds from the sale of items at the Thrift Shop are donated back to the community through established charity organizations. Some of the organizations we support are: Harker Heights Food Care Center, Killeen Food Bank, Home & Help Shelter, Mission Soup Kitchen, Families in Crisis, Hope Pregnancy Center, Hill County Community Action Association.

If you are not sure you want to join The Ladies of Charity but would like to help in the Thrift Shop, please contact
 Carolyn Farmerie, President  - 254.393.0612.  You must attend a course in "Protecting God's Children."

Once you join our association you will be initiated into the Ladies of Charity at a Solemn Reception. You will receive a crucifix, LOC pin, and the LOC manual. The manual will provide you with the guidance and inspirational teachings for this good work.


   (Click the Logo to print-out an APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP)

The Ladies of Charity Thrift Shop                                  
1005 S. Ann Blvd., Harker Heights                               
Phone:  680-7970                                                               
             Hours of Operation:                                             
Tuesday & Thursday            9:30 to 2:30
Wednesday                            2:00 to 5:00
1st Saturday of the month     9:30 to 2:30

"Those who love the poor during life will have nothing to fear at the hour of death" (St. Vincent de Paul)


A little bit of History – St. Vincent DePaul

                 The year 1617 was a turning point in the life of Vincent de Paul, paving the way for two of his foundations of charity. In both of these, women played a decisive role. At that time Vincent was serving as chaplain to the family of Count de Gondi, an owner of a galley of slaves. In 1617 Vincent turned away from the household to become a parish priest of Chatillon-les-Dombes. A friend, Francoise Bachet, who a few weeks later discovered a family so ill that none could care for the others, reported their needs to Vincent de Paul as he was vesting for Sunday Mass.

His heartfelt sermon on charity led to an afternoon meeting, followed by such an outpouring of charity that the family was overwhelmed with food and visitors that day.

St. Vincent realized that it is not enough to be generous and personal, it must also be organized.  On August 23, 1617 he called a meeting of the women in the parish. They agreed to form an association in which each would take her turn in serving the sick and poor, both corporally and spiritually.

Vincent had a passion for the poor and a genius for networking and organizing others to meet the full range of needs, both material and spiritual, of those who live on the margins of society. St. Vincent DePaul (1581-1660) was not only the founder of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) but also the Daughters of Charity, the Confraternities of Charity and Ladies of Charity (1617).

A man of deep faith and enormous creativity, he is known as the "father of the poor" and "Universal Patron of Charity". His contributions to the education of priests and services for the poor shaped our church's role in the modern world. Our vocation is to go not into one parish, nor into only one diocese, but throughout the earth. And to do what? To inflame the hearts of men. It is not enough for me to love God if my neighbor does not love him as well. (May 30, 1659 - SV 12: 262)

Photos of our Ladies of Charity in Action:


Ladies of Charity Harker Heights Donna Perry and Debbie Ponce receive a grant check at the National Ladies of Charity Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee awarded to our Association for Thrift Store remodeling. 




Members of the sewing group include (from left to right) JoAnn Gelsthorpe. Pat Beseda, Margot Nauta, Cres Laureta, Sylvia Schnapp (former LOC President), Penny Szeman and Luci Stefek.





Lady of Charity Precious Taguinod models a stunning fashion from Dillards at the Spring Style Show and Silent Auction. 







Lady of Charity Delores Martinez assists children at the Kid’s craft table at the 2010 Holiday Bazaar. 






The Ladies of Charity at the October 2010 meeting celebrated Father Richard O’Rourke’s 50th Anniversary in his order of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.